mining for most profitable coin??

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mining for most profitable coin??

Post by damuffinman on Tue Aug 27, 2013 4:14 am

I have been mining since 2010 - with all the buzz that bitcoin creately over the years, a lot of newbies are getting into the game, blowing a bunch of money on asic rigs they have to wait for, then getting discouraged and are so fixated on trying to make a profit that they lose their grip on the concept of bitcoin and crypto currencies in general.

Are you guys just in it for the money ? (fiat) or are you really just wanting to be in control of you own money (coin) i'm discouraged now ever since i've seen wave after wave of people flipping their coin for fiat cash. In my opinion that damages the entire concept of crypto currencies . What do you guys think?

with sites like middlecoin and multipool ... really just trying to mine the most profitable coin just to convert to BTC and flip for fiat cash. Do you think its wrong? or do you think its OK to do ? what i mean when i say "ok to do" is .... do you think that this type of environment - one where people mine certain coins just to convert to btc and flip for fiat cash - doesn't harm the system ?

your comments are welcomed.

I've recently just sold 70gh worth of bfl boxes, and i am now awaiting my 400gh/s box. but in the mean time i'm mining altcoins like XPM, WDC and LTC with a rig running at 3.4 mh/s (5x msi 7950's )

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